All the mechanical products and subsystems required to build, position, control, protect and power satellite platforms.

We help humanity explore the world and beyond.

Beyond Gravity has delivered products for hundreds of different missions for over 40 years. What they all have in common? They all ultimately serve an important purpose that advances humankind. Are you onboard?

Our activities encompass weather forecasting, satellite-based positioning and communications in even the most remote corners of the globe, satellite data to manage natural hazards, new discoveries revealing the mysteries of our universe, scientific experiments in space and exciting new developments like self-driving cars – everything depends on space technology. With endless opportunities, we help our customers around the world make the impossible possible


Cutting-edge engineering and production expertise to help our customers successfully build and operate their platforms and payloads.



Over four decades of experience and 100% mission success in developing and building products paramount to getting payloads into space.

We have been a proud supplier of payload fairings for every Ariane rocket since its first launch in 1979.


More than space – pushing boundaries also on earth. Beyond Gravity uses its knowledge in the semiconductor-business to create foundations for high-performance and modern applications.

Microchip in cleanroom.

Join us.

Some of the best minds and hands in the space industry work at Beyond Gravity on innovative solutions to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Become part of the team.

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If you see an unrealized business opportunity related to space technology and its applications, corporate development or sustainability, our Launchpad may be the platform for you to develop your start-up.


Our story.

We push boundaries of what’s imaginable – to reach new horizons, to advance humankind, and to enable the exploration of the world and beyond. Are you onboard?

Our values are our daily compass on how we work together.

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