We offer a comprehensive range of satellite transport and shipping containers for all sizes of satellites, from SmallSats to the largest GeoSatellites and Deep Space Spacecraft.

Ground Support Solutions

At Beyond Gravity, we understand the critical role that Mechanical Ground Support Equipment (MGSE) plays in ensuring the success of your missions. With over four decades of experience in mechanical design and production, we are a leading provider of MGSE solutions that are second to none.

Dominik Inschlag Director Marketing & Sales Thermal & Mechanisms

Our Ground Support Solutions.

Beyond Gravity is a leading European supplier of Mechanical Ground Support Equipment (MGSE) for spacecraft, offering a comprehensive range of solutions to protect and support satellites during transport, storage, and integration. Our spacecraft containers provide unparalleled protection, our GSE Clampband securely connect spacecraft interface (S/C Interface) rings to test adapters, and our MPT-G Multi-Purpose Trolley supports spacecraft and dedicated modules during horizontal or vertical integration. With over four decades of experience, Beyond Gravity is committed to providing innovative and reliable MGSE solutions that empower spacecraft manufacturers to achieve their goals.

Satellite Containers

Beyond Gravity provides transport and shipping containers for satellites of all sizes, from smallsats to the largest geosatellites and deep space spacecraft.

Beyond Gravity is a leading expert in the design, manufacture, and testing of Spacecraft containers. We offer customized Containers or (near)rebuild of existing solutions based on our wide range of delivered Containers. We are experts on the logistics-challenges a large Container may pose (air and road transport, certifications, dynamic environments).


Beyond Gravity GSE Clampbands offer a reliable and easy-to-use solution for connecting spacecraft interface rings to test adapters during AIT.


Multi Purpose Trolley

Beyond Gravity's Multi-Purpose Trolley (MPT) has been a trusted tool for spacecraft integration for over three decades, with over 80 units delivered to customers worldwide.


Other MGSE

Beyond Gravity provides comprehensive System MGSE solutions for spacecraft AIT, encompassing S/C lifting devices, adapters, panel handling equipment, and panel containers.

Beyond Gravity has designed and manufactured Lifting Devices for a multitude of applications, from lifting/handling of small instruments to very large spacecraft. They are used for hoisting/handling during all stages of integration and testing up to launch.