We apply our unique innovation, development and production know-how to help our customers successfully build and operate their satellite platforms and payloads.

Anders Linder
Anders Linder Executive Vice President Division Satellites

High performance in space. Precise engineering on Earth.

As a leading global supplier to the space industry, Beyond Gravity has successfully delivered thousands of satellite products to institutional and commercial customers, including NASA, ESA, JAXA and Roscosmos, OneWeb, Maxar, CNES, Airbus Space & Defense, Thales Space or OHB. Our technology is critical to the success of missions such as Galileo, MetOp, PLATO, Copernicus Sentinel, Artemis, Pace, James Webb Space Telescope and many others.

"As a reliable partner, we push the boundaries of what is technically feasible."

Anders Linder
Anders Linder Executive Vice President Division Satellites

Keeping our customers at the forefront.

Whether a satellite is used for telecommunications in GEO orbit, constellations in LEO orbit, or a scientific mission, our customers rely on us to equip their spacecraft with customized mechatronic and electronic solutions delivered individually, as a whole subsystem or in serial volumes.

High performance, maximum reliability and a product range that meets the requirements of today's space market make Beyond Gravity the partner of choice. With our world-class engineering teams in Europe and the United States, we are driving progress in the industry. Our manufacturing facilities are capable of producing high volumes while promoting lean operations and automated processes to keep our customers at the forefront of the industry, including also the commercial New Space sector.

Platform mechatronics.

All the mechanical products and subsystems you need to build, position, control, protect and power your platform.

Platform Mechatronics

Platform electronics.

Competitive, performant and flexible electronic products and subsystems to keep your platform running seamlessly – year after year.

Each year, we successfully deliver around 20 navigation receivers to our customers around the world.


Our payload solutions provide state-of-the-art, reliable and cost-effective technology for commercial and institutional customers alike.

Beyond Gravity delivers receivers and converters for the commercial telecom satellite “Eutelsat 36D”. Copyright: Artist view (Airbus Defence & Space).