Satellite Space Situational Awareness tracker radar SSA monitor screen

Our Space Situational Awareness Solution.

Knowing exactly which satellites are flying where and which technical footprint they have: Our Space Situational Awareness Solution is the next generation flight radar for satellites. Providing unmatched data depth.

Frank Hugi
Frank Hugi Program Manager Strategic Space Projects

You are taking operational decisions e.g. during natural disaster responses or security operations? We provide you the necessary information to make better informed and quicker decisions. Our Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Solution delivers precise full-fledged intelligence about manmade satellites in seconds. This enhances the relevance of your ground-based situation assessments for example for the following: 

  • Monitor your global assets’ exposure 
  • Improve your Search & Rescue (SAR) missions  
  • Master your action plans 

Our SSA solution

Our SSA solution can dramatically accelerate your decision chain. Any strategic entity, which is taking operational decisions, needs to know if an actor can potentially listen, observe, or interfere in given geographies and timeframes around the globe. Such a unit could be natural disaster response unit or a defence security unit.


Beyond Gravity's SSA solution is the result of a long-lasting tight partnership, which enables both parties to profit from shared expertise in building innovative products driven by excellence. It uses more than six years of consecutive data aggregation from secondary and primary sources. Beyond Gravity – a leading global space supplier headquartered in Switzerland, offers a unique SSA solution.  

  • Our SSA solution brings unparalleled accuracy about the operational status and technical capabilities of more than 10.000 satellites orbiting earth. 
  • It leverages millions of datapoints through daily monitoring of satellite capabilities. 
  • Our Solution offers a secured and seamless environment to its military, governmental and commercial users, no matter their missions, no matter where they are.  

Subscription based with a wide array of capabilities

Our Space Situational Awareness Solution works on a subscription model which offers a wide array of capabilities, such as: 

  • Automatically updated and verified satellite overflights from multiple sources.  
  • Extensive intelligence about the technical capabilities of more than 10.000 satellites, all classifications, purpose, and types included.
  • Intuitive User Interface that combines graphical elements, advance filters, and simplified report generator, enabling decision makers to take insightful actions.  
  • Sky view for your selected location including horizon profiling for operators on the field.  
  • Data interoperability capabilities for Command-and-Control (C2) and maps layering (such as KML)  
  • Historical and future orbital trajectories for on-ground route planning, and much more. 


For more information about our features, pricing, or demo request, please contact us via email:

Why choose Space Situational Awareness Solution from Beyond Gravity?

Standard SSA SolutionsBeyond Gravity SSA Solution
Unvalidated public informationValidated combination of data (public, OSINT-open source intelligence and primary data)
Focus on in-space activities (e.g. possible collisions)Focus on satellite overflights
No technical insights of satellitesDeep insight on technical capabilities / footprints of satellites 
Target group: public & satellite operatorsTarget group: Strategic decision makers & on the ground operator
No offline versionCan work offline (under certain conditions) 
Standalone tool, costly to integrate with other systemsFull interoperability, easy to integrate with other systems

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Frequently asked questions

Who is Beyond Gravity?

Beyond Gravity, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, combines agility, speed, and innovation with decades of experience and proven quality. Approximately 1’600 employees at 14 locations in seven countries (Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Germany, USA, Finland, and Portugal) develop and manufacture products for satellites, launch vehicles and the semiconductor industry with the goal of advancing humanity and enabling exploration of the world and beyond. In 2022, the company generated revenues of approximately CHF 356 million. Formerly, Beyond Gravity was known as RUAG Space. The new name and brand were introduced 2022.

What is Space Situational Awareness (SSA)?

Space Situational Awareness (SSA) is the knowledge of the space domain. SSA includes the ability to monitor, track, and predict the location and behaviour of natural and artificial objects in orbit. SSA is essential to ensure the safety, security, and sustainability of space activities. SSA services may include satellite tracking, space surveillance, satellite overflight, orbital awareness etc. To learn more, visit our site on SSA in general.

What is the product?

Our Space Situational Awareness solution is a web-bases data and intelligence software solution dedicated to the overflights and technical capabilities of satellites orbiting the earth. (In the USA often the term SDA - Space Domain Awareness - is used to describe the capability to track and monitor objects in space.)

Is there also an app for smartphones and tablets?

We are working on additional solutions that will soon offer an app for tablets and smartphones to quickly gain situational awareness at a tactical level and accelerate tactical decisions. Our solution currently exists as a web application to obtain a comprehensive picture of the situation at operational level and to provide targeted support for operational planning. 

What makes SSA data from Beyond Gravity special?

We combine and review the accuracy and precision of primary and secondary SSA (Space Situational Awareness or Space Domain Awareness) sources, built on more than 6 years of data aggregation. This is the result of a long-lasting tight partnership, which enables us both to profit from shared expertise in building innovative products driven by excellence focused on the end user. Our algorithms include technical intelligence of all known satellites other SSA providers do not possess.

Why should I buy it from Beyond Gravity?

Our Space Situational Awareness solution does not only rely on publicly available two-line element sets (TLE) but encapsulates another layer of verification and monitoring daily. We are committed in serving all our international users equally with drive, precision, and accuracy, putting the quality of our work and constant improvement at the centre of our attention.

Who can buy our Space Situational Awareness Solution?

Our Space Situational Awareness Solution is trusted and used by international partners. Due to the sensitivity of the information, Beyond Gravity reserves its right to treat each demand on a case-by-case basis at its sole discretion.

Satellite Space Situational Awareness tracker radar SSA monitor screen

What is Space Situational Awareness?

To learn more about Space Situational Awareness in general and how it differentiates from Space Domain Awareness, visit our story page