All the mechanical products and subsystems required to build, position, control, protect and power satellite platforms.

Mechanical Solutions

Beyond Gravity's carbon fiber reinforced panels and tubes provide the strength and low weight required for a satellite structure, the backbone of the spacecraft. All satellite parts that need to move during the mission are actuated by our mechanisms, offering solutions for rotating, pointing, deploying, separating, and dampening.

Anni Schulze Director of Sales Mechanical Satellites Solutions

Our Mechanical Solutions.

Beyond Gravity is a global leader in designing, engineering, manufacturing, assembling, and testing high-precision and dimensionally stable satellite structures. We offer a wide range of options, from satellite backbones to instrument platforms, and can deliver both sophisticated structures and components for specific missions and satellite constellations.

Our industrialized and semi-automated production processes allow us to produce several satellite structures per day. With our standard component portfolio and years of experience, we can offer our customers short development cycles and a low risk level. We also combine design, manufacturing, and testing under one roof, which allows us to adapt our designs to subsequent changes if required.

Beyond Gravity is also a leading supplier of space mechanisms, including solar array drive assemblies (SADAs). Our in-house capabilities allow us to offer turnkey solutions consisting of a mechanism and associated drive and control electronics, which significantly reduces the effort required by prime contractors.

We specialize in alignment, deployment, high power separation, payload mechanisms, and robotics. We are the only European supplier offering a full range of SADMs for spacecraft worldwide, from the microsatellite class to the largest telecommunication and Earth observation satellites. We also supply spacecraft thruster orientation mechanisms for electric drives and actuators.

All Beyond Gravity products have a 100% mission success rate.

Satellite Structures

Beyond Gravity is a global leader in the design, manufacturing, and testing of high-performance satellite structure solutions.

Beyond Gravity is a global leader in satellite structure analysis and design, optimization and industrialization, and high cadence manufacturing. With over 30 years of experience, we have a proven track record of success in supporting both built-to-print and built-to-spec programs, no matter how challenging the technical and environmental conditions of your project might be.

Slip Rings

Beyond Gravity is the leading European supplier of high-performance slip rings for space and defense applications, with over 60 years of experience and a 100% mission success rate.

Beyond Gravity is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of slip rings for space applications. Our slip rings are known for their exceptional reliability and performance, with over 2,000 years of cumulative flying hours in space.

Solar Array Drive Mechanisms

With over two decades of experience and a 100% mission success rate, Beyond Gravity is the trusted partner for SADMs in the space industry.

Beyond Gravity is proud to be on board the Artemis moon missions. The Orion spacecraft, which will carry the astronauts to and from the moon, uses Beyond Gravity's specially designed 2-axis SADMs to position its solar array panels.

Electrical Propulsion Pointing Mechanisms

Beyond Gravity delivers high-performance pointing mechanisms for electric propulsion thrusters, enabling precise and efficient spacecraft maneuvering.

Beyond Gravity is a leading supplier of high-performance pointing mechanisms for electric propulsion thrusters, also known as thruster gimbals. Thruster gimbals are increasingly being used on commercial satellite platforms and scientific spacecraft due to their fuel mass efficiency advantages.

Customized Mechanisms

Beyond Gravity offers customized mechanisms, including rotary actuators, antenna pointing and deployment solutions, rotary damping devices, and fine-pointing assemblies.

Beyond Gravity offers customized mechanisms, pre-developed solutions that can be adapted to meet the specific needs of space missions. These mechanisms are either full- or near-recurring with selectable performance characteristics, or they are custom-developed for complex missions.