With over three decades of experience in the development and production of thermal products for more than 500 satellites, we have developed competencies and capabilities for very demanding requirements.

Satellite Insulation

Beyond Gravity is a trusted partner for satellite manufacturers and operators, offering a comprehensive portfolio of thermal control hardware products, including multilayer insulation (MLI) known for its high quality, reliability, and performance.

Andreas Gottinger Senior Sales Manager Thermal & Mechanisms

Leading Provider of Thermal Control Hardware for Spacecraft

Beyond Gravity is a leading supplier of thermal control hardware products for spacecraft, with over 30 years of experience and a proven track record of success. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to meet the needs of even the most demanding missions, making us a trusted partner for satellite manufacturers and operators around the world.

Oneweb MLI

High-Quality MLI Solutions

Beyond Gravity is a leading provider of high-quality, reliable, and high-performing multilayer insulation (MLI) solutions for satellites and instruments. We have produced MLI for over 700 satellites, contributing to the success of 50 space projects. 

Our MLI can be designed for a wide range of temperature requirements (1K - 1800K), large volumes, and specific missions, including science missions, constellations, and spacecraft requiring MMOD (Micrometeoroid Orbital Debris) and ATOX (Atomic Oxygen) protection.

We design and manufacture custom MLI blankets to meet the exact requirements of our customers, including all cuts, fixations, and grounding points. We use electronic 3D models of the satellite and/or instrument structure to create precise and accurate blankets. For very complex shapes, we build 3D mock-ups and perform template fit-checks to ensure a perfect fit.

We also offer cost-efficient built-to-print MLI blanket services. If you have already completed the 3D MLI design, we can manufacture your MLI blankets to your exact specifications.

More Thermal Control Hardware Products & Services

In addition to MLI, Beyond Gravity also offers a range of other thermal control hardware products, including:

  • Optical Solar Reflectors (OSR): Reflect sunlight away from spacecraft, helping to keep them cool.
  • Interfillers: Fill gaps between spacecraft components, providing thermal insulation and preventing vibration.
  • Sensors and Heaters: Monitor and control the temperature of spacecraft components.


Beyond Gravity also offers thermal analysis and correlation services, which can help satellite manufacturers to design and build satellites with effective thermal control systems.

Beyond Gravity is a one-stop shop for all things thermal control for spacecraft. With its extensive experience and expertise, Beyond Gravity can design and integrate thermal control systems for whole satellites and instruments, ensuring that they operate reliably in the harsh environment of space.

"More than 700 satellites are currently in space, which our thermal dress protects from the heat and cold of the universe."

Dominik Inschlag Director Marketing & Sales Thermal & Mechanisms

Proven in Space

Beyond Gravity's expertise in thermal insulation has been instrumental in the success of several high-profile space missions, including Euclid, Juice, BepiColombo as well as satellites like OneWeb or Galileo. MLI (Multi-layer insulation) blankets consist of multiple layers of very thin, metal-coated plastic film with a low-conductivity spacer material. This spacer is sandwiched between the layers. In the vacuum of space, objects can be hot and cold at the same time, especially if one side is in the sun and the other in the shade. Therefore, thermal insulation is important to protect the satellite temperature change.

Thermal insulation for OneWeb constellation satellites For the telecommunication company OneWeb we manufactured the thermal insulation for the several hundred satellites. The satellites require thermal insulation to ensure they maintain a constant interior temperature despite the extreme temperature fluctuations in space. Without this stability, the sensitive instruments on board would not work properly over the six and a half years of the mission. For the production of the Multi-Layer Insulation for satellites, Beyond Gravity uses a series of partly automated techniques that harness state-of-the-art laser technology – to excel in throughput time.
Multi-Layer insulation for all Galileo satellites Since the start of the Galileo program Beyond Gravity has produced every thermal insulation for the whole Galileo satellite constellation. The Galileo satellites are ‘wrapped up’ almost entirely in a special thermal insulation blanket to ensure that the sensitive onboard electronics are not damaged by the extreme temperature fluctuations encountered by the satellites in space.
Multi-layer insulation for Europe's Juice spacecraft Beyond Gravity provided the thermal insulation of the Juice (Jupiter Icy Moons) spacecraft of ESA. It keeps the Juice spacecraft at stable temperatures. The multilayer insulation protects the Juice satellite from plus 250 degrees Celsius during Venus flyby and minus 230 degrees Celsius at Jupiter. More than 500 parts of the thermal insulation were installed on the spacecraft. Experts from Beyond Gravity installed simple aluminized polyester film inside the satellite. And on the outside of the spacecraft they installed external multilayer insulation consisting of more than 20 layers of coated high temperature capable polyimide film.