Multi Purpose Trolleys

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Christian Braun Sales Manager Thermal & Mechanisms
MPT-G Multi-Purpose Trolley Giga

MPT-G Multi-Purpose Trolley Giga

The Beyond Gravity MPT-G Multi-Purpose Trolley Giga is a versatile piece of MGSE that can be used to support spacecraft and dedicated modules during horizontal or vertical integration. The MPT-G's table can be tilted and rotated to any attitude between spin axis vertical and horizontal, providing engineers with easy access to all sides of the spacecraft.

The MPT-G interfaces with the spacecraft via the Transport and Handling Adapter (THA) or specific other test adapters. The MPT-G is constructed from either aluminum alloy or carbon steel, depending on the specific requirements of the mission.

To ensure safety and compliance with EC regulations, the MPT-G is equipped with a complete set of safety interlocks, including: no rotating while tilting, no tilt while rotating. key-switch for mains power and overload limitation.

With over 80 Multi-Purpose Trolleys (MPT) delivered to institutional and commercial customers in Europe and the USA, the MPT is a proven and trusted solution for spacecraft integration.