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At Beyond Gravity we are always on the lookout for individuals ready to help us push boundaries and support the advancement of humankind. We are an equal opportunity employer focused on bringing diverse talents together to develop innovative solutions to our planet's most pressing challenges.

Are you ready to be part of something extraordinary? Join us on a journey to shape the future!

Whether you are just embarking in your career or looking for a change of direction, you'll be helping us make a difference from day 1 and you’ll find the support you need to succeed. We are committed to the continued development of our employees both personally and professionally, and invest in proactively developing and promoting our own talent. 

Our story.

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Why we work at Beyond Gravity.

Space to boost secure and sustainable energy supplies. Copyright: ESA
Bettina Environmental Manager

I am working on an exciting and important topic. That makes me very proud. By minimizing the environmental impact of our company down here, I want to contribute to making the earth look a little 'greener' again from above.

With over three decades of experience in the development and production of thermal products for more than 500 satellites, we have developed competencies and capabilities for very demanding requirements that enable us to provide detailed thermal analysis.
Adeeb Thermal System Engineer

As a thermal system engineer, I contribute to the design of the thermal control system of the satellites and subsystems. Give me any orbit I make sure that our satellites do not burn or freeze to death!

ESA and European industry are currently developing a new-generation launcher: Ariane 6. Ariane 6 will fly with a payload fairing made by Beyond Gravity. Copyright: ESA - D. Ducros.
Alberto Senior Manager Launcher Subystems

Having the chance to work in the next generation of space launchers is a great challenge and a huge responsibility for the entire innovation team. This motivates us every day!

"Ensuring we attract and look after top talent is essential for our capability to continually push boundaries."

André Wall
André Wall CEO

How we push boundaries.


Progress demands we get past the obvious and open our minds to new possibilities. We are born with an insatiable curiosity leading to breakthrough inventions in history.

Why – that’s the most important question to understand the need of our counterpart and look at the world from their eyes.

Our future requires that we maintain that same sense of wonder and keep our curiosity alive. Being curious means active listening, continous learning, not settling for the first solution. In the face of uncertainty, we explore and fill gaps in our knowledge. Every day brings opportunity to try something new and we seize it.


We love what we do and we have a lot of fun doing what we do, in the coolest industry there is. We are not working on tasks or are motivated by a carrot. We are literally working on missions and our motivation comes from within, a unique desire to tackle challenges and produce value.


At Beyond Gravity we can only win together: with our colleagues across the globe, our customers, suppliers and partners. Each role is important, diversity leads to broader solutions and with combined strenghts we achieve more. In a team we need to rely on each other, have trust and take responsibility. Last but not least, working together is fun!

About Beyond Gravity

Beyond Gravity has delivered products for hundreds of different missions for over 40 years. We are currently working on around 400 projects. What they all have in common? They all ultimately serve an important purpose that advances humankind. Our activities encompass weather forecasting, satellite-based positioning and communications in even the most remote corners of the globe, satellite data to manage natural hazards, new discoveries revealing the mysteries of our universe, scientific experiments in space and exciting new developments like self-driving cars – everything depends on space technology. With endless opportunities, we help our customers around the world make the impossible possible.

Satellites. As a leading global supplier to the space industry, Beyond Gravity has successfully delivered thousands of satellite products to institutional and commercial customers. Our technology is critical to the success of missions such as Galileo, MetOp, PLATO, Copernicus Sentinel, Artemis, Pace, James Webb Space Telescope and many others.
Launchers. We contribute to the success of our customers' launches – with market-leading know-how in the development and production of best-in-class composite structures. For decades, our payload fairings, interstage adapters, dispensers, payload adapters and separation systems have been the first choice for primes and launch service providers such as United Launch Alliance (ULA), Arianespace, Avio, Mitsubishi, Space X or Dynetics.
Lithography. Pushing boundaries also on earth. Beyond Gravity uses its knowledge in the semiconductor-business to create foundations for high-performance and modern applications. Beyond Gravity’s high-precision products have been a mission-critical element in the semiconductor industry's supply chain since 2001.

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