Beyond Gravity invests in its digital future

Beyond Gravity is actively advancing its efforts to position itself as a Digital First company, that will leverage technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), generative design, intelligent automation and various other emerging technologies going forward. A key focus area is reinforcing a shared digital core, fostering seamless connections across locations, business units, and enabling functions. This modern digital core will provide a foundation from which substantial value and innovation can be delivered to Beyond Gravity’s customers, suppliers and employees.

While Beyond Gravity only began operating under its new name in May 2022, adopting a start-up mindset, it has decades of experience in the space industry. However, the industry is currently undergoing a major change and shift toward a commercialized market. This leads to a stronger focus on speed, higher volumes and lower costs. With Beyond Gravity’s privatization planned by the end of 2025, the digital transformation program, called EZYone, will ensure that the company is positioned for the future and operationally excellent. Beyond Gravity is committed to staying competitive in this dynamic industry by taking a digital approach.

Beyond Gravity’s digital world so far

Beyond Gravity has historically grown from various companies and locations. Each of the company’s business divisions has built up its own vast pool of expertise over the years. But when it comes to IT and the digital landscape, the company’s colorful history means it is now operating with a mix of legacy systems – comprising five “Business Process Management” systems (BPMs), seven “Enterprise-Resource-Planning” tools (ERPs), eight “Product Lifecycle Management” tools (PLMs) and two “Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) – and, thus, an array of complex, inefficient, and costly processes. 

With numerous systems in a scattered digital environment, the organization faces issues such as reliability of data, lack of transparency for customers, complicated data exchange procedures across different countries and an outdated IT infrastructure burdened by technical debt.

Beyond Gravity’s path to success and the digital future

Beyond Gravity has made significant investments into its future as a unified and digital company. Through the digital transformation initiative EZYone, the organization is focusing on building a robust digital core designed to establish seamless connections across all locations, business units, and enabling functions. 

By introducing state-of-the-art and unified systems across the whole organization, the digital transformation is poised to optimize product lifecycle management, resource allocation, and production processes, ultimately leading to streamlined and more efficient operations. Upon successful implementation, the company anticipates reaping the rewards of integrated systems, elevating digital capabilities, empowering its workforce, alleviating administrative burdens, and furnishing cutting-edge tools for engineering and production teams. 

The new systems will be rolled out first in Sweden. As part of its strategic vision, Beyond Gravity is aiming for a comprehensive system roll-out at all its locations and business units by the end of 2024.

EZYone aligns with the company’s long-term vision

EZYone is important because it lays the foundation for Beyond Gravity’s future success. It enables the company to be more responsive to its customers’ needs, it creates transparency, and enables the company to run a modern and competitive business.

These considerations hold significance for potential future owners, as they contribute to the valuation of the company and install confidence in prospective buyers regarding Beyond Gravity’s status as a growth-oriented enterprise. The overarching objective is to evolve into a company esteemed by both customers and employees, establishing itself as an exceptional workplace committed to delivering outstanding products and experiences.


EZYone – Beyond Gravity’s digital transformation

As the name of the program implies, it’s about making things "easier". Beyond Gravity has grown from different companies and locations in the past. As a result, different locations are using different IT systems that are not connected to each other. This hinders effective and efficient collaboration on a global level. Beyond Gravity has therefore started the EZYone program, embarking on a digital journey to consolidate all major IT systems within the company and to build a shared digital core.