The Beyond Gravity Test Center has the equipment and the technical know-how when it comes to testing electrical components and PCBs.

Testing Services.

We provide a wide range of testing services for space and non-space applications in our facilities in Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Finland and the US.

Tobias Gerngross Senior Manager Global Testing

Over four decades of experience

Beyond Gravity has been involved in space missions since the first space missions in the early 1970s. For us, reliability, meticulous planning and, not least, rigorous testing are important and vital parts in the development of components, electronics and structures for use in space. With our long-standing experience and extensive knowledge we are able to test a wide range of materials and products in our test facilities in Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Finland and the US. The testing for qualification and testing of flight hardware and industrial products is one of our core competences. This includes destructive as well as non-destructive testing.

Beyond Gravity offers antenna testing in its own RF lab and 6-meter antenna measurement range. We can perform near and far field measurements from 900MHz up to 40 GHz. The test facilities are set up with the latest available test equipment and has automatic roll tables for fast and accurate measurements

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"Testing of flight hardware and industrial equipment is part of our DNA."

Tobias Gerngross Senior Manager Global Testing

Material Testing and non-Destructive Inspection

The Beyond Gravity Materials Test Lab is certified for non-destructive testing of composite structures and equipped to measure physical properties of materials. X-ray analysis, microscopy, friction and dye penetrant testing are also part of the expertise that our specialists can offer as a service to external customers and for our own projects.

  • Hardness 
  • X-Ray Fluorescence 
  • Optical and Scanning Electron Microscopy 
  • Electrical Conductivity (SIGMATEST)
  • Dye Penetration Test
  • Ultrasonic and Acoustic Testing
  • Tensile Testing 
  • Bolt Testing 
  • Friction Testing 
  • Electronic Components
Orhan Aybay Global Testing Services Manager

Environmental Testing

The Beyond Gravity Test Centers specialize in the performance of mechanical and climatic environ­mental testing. Not only the execution of develop­ment and qualification tests is an essential part of our expertise, but also the consulting, organization, coordination and management of test programs in internal and external facilities on behalf of our cus­tomers.

  • Vibration and Shock Testing
  • Shock Testing
  • Pyroshock Testing
  • Centrifuge Testing
  • Climatic Testing
  • Thermal Vacuum Testing
  • EMC Tests
  • Antenna Testing
  • Space Mechanism Testing
  • Interferometric measurements
  • EGSE Development

"Beyond Gravity offers extensive problem solving for space and non-space applications."

Orhan Aybay Global Testing Services Manager

Mechanical and Structural Testing

Beyond Gravity has a long-standing history in the management and execution of mechanical and structural testing. The extensive experience and expertise gained over many years of testing inter­nal projects, combined with the specialized testing equipment developed during this time, ensures that a reliable partner is also available to external cus­tomers for all testing services.

  • Static Load Testing
  • Modal Survey – Structural Dynamic Characterization of Components