Questions & Answers Rebranding Beyond Gravity

Questions and Answers about the rebranding & renaming of RUAG Space (incl. RUAG Corporate Services) to Beyond Gravity.

Why do you change your name and brand?
The changing space market requires more speed, more agility and new ideas. That’s why we are implementing a new strategy combined with a new purpose and new vision – all brought together under the name Beyond Gravity. We combine a start-up culture with our decades of experience and proven quality. To serve our customers even better.

When does the corporate name change?
As May 1, 2022, our legal entities are renamed to Beyond Gravity:

Until End of April 2022

As of May 2022

RUAG Schweiz AG – Space 

Beyond Gravity Schweiz AG

RUAG Corporate Services AG 

Beyond Gravity Services AG

RUAG Advanced Systems Inc.

Beyond Gravity Advanced Systems Inc

RUAG Slip Rings SA 

Beyond Gravity Slip Rings SA

RUAG Space Holding USA Inc.

Beyond Gravity Holding USA Inc.

RUAG Space USA Inc. 

Beyond Gravity USA Inc.

RUAG Space Finland OY AB 

Beyond Gravity Finland OY

RUAG Space GmbH 

Beyond Gravity Austria GmbH

RUAG Space Germany GmbH 

Beyond Gravity Germany GmbH

RUAG Space Holding AB 

Beyond Gravity Holding Sweden AB

RUAG Space AB 

Beyond Gravity Sweden AB

Will the email address change?
Yes. From May 1st 2022, you can reach us by email at firstname.lastname@beyondgravity.com. The previous email addresses firstname.lastname@ruag.com will remain valid for sufficient time and will be forwarded. The telephone numbers remain unchanged.

Is there a new website?
Yes, our new website with all the information you need is available at www.beyondgravity.com.

Does the VAT number change?
No, the VAT numbers at our different locations will not change. They remain the same.

Will the UID numbers change?
No, they remain the same.

Has the ownership of the company changed?
No, our owner remains to be the Swiss Confederation (Swiss state). However, we aim for privatization in the midterm.

What needs to be taken into account with regard to proposals?
Until end of April, you will receive proposals in the name of RUAG, after May 1st with the new name. All signed contracts stay legally unchanged and fully valid.

What needs to be taken into account with regard to invoicing?
From 1 May 2022 onwards all invoices must be addressed to Beyond Gravity, even if the order was placed under the name of RUAG Space. For details, please contact your local contact at our company. We are very grateful that you take the time to change the name as of May 1st also in your ERP systems.

Does the new name mean new bank details?
No, the bank details remain unchanged.

Is it necessary to set up Beyond Gravity as a new customer / supplier?
No, this is not necessary. Apart from the name change as of 1 May 2022, the customer relationship remains unchanged.

Will there be relocations?
No. In Vienna however, the address of our location changes from Stachegasse 16 to Stachegasse 13 as of May 1.

What about the IT tools we as customers or suppliers are using?
Most of our IT tools will be rebranded. Should this affect the use of this tool for you, we will inform you in due time.

Does the rebranding affect current contracts or open offers?
All existing contracts and open offers remain legally unchanged and fully valid.

What about RUAG Corporate Services AG?
Corporate Services – which bundles our support functions – will be renamed to Beyond Gravity Services AG.

What happens with the other business segments of RUAG International (Aerostructures, Ammotec, MRO International)?
As publicly communicated, we intend to sell these entities in line with our owner strategy. Ammotec, Aerostructures and MRO International will operate under the existing brand "RUAG. Together ahead" until the final sale. That means: no name or brand changes at these 3 business segments.

Why does the legal name change happen on 1 May and not along with the new brand on 14 March?
We took a two-step approach as we need to carve-out a legal entity in Switzerland. This carve-out happens on May 1st.

Why did you choose the name Beyond Gravity?
We had our employees involved in suggesting new names for our future space business and Beyond Gravity was the winner.