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Beyond Gravity's New Space Data Service: A Leap Forward in Satellite Monitoring

Beyond Gravity, a leading space supplier, expands its expertise into space data services with the launch of its new Space Situational Awareness (SSA) solution. This innovative new service, leveraging over six years of data collection, offers unparalleled accuracy and insights into more than 10,000 active satellites, promising to enhance faster decision-making for institutional and commercial customers alike.

Space Situational Awareness (SSA) services include the ability to monitor, track, and predict the location and behavior of satellites orbiting the Earth. They are vital for the safety, security, and sustainability of space activities, enabling the avoidance of collisions, reporting of interference, and prediction of unforeseen events. Leveraging over six years of data collection from diverse sources and building on a partnership with a trusted partner, Beyond Gravity is now launching a new SSA solution distinguished by its outstanding accuracy and superior data quality, designed to meet specific requirements with unparalleled flexibility and adaptability. Beyond Gravity's SSA product not only tracks satellite overflights with exceptional accuracy but also offers its users comprehensive footprint intelligence, revealing details about the satellite's onboard technology and instruments. This empowers users with an in-depth understanding of a satellite's capabilities.

Accelerating Decision-Making for a Wide Variety of Users

Beyond Gravity's latest offering caters to the varied demands of commercial or institutional customers alike, the latter including security units, disaster response teams, or governmental agencies. In mere seconds the online platform delivers comprehensive intelligence about a satellite’s activities, including potential observation, listening, or interference capabilities within specific regions and timeframes. Such rapid access to data significantly supports operational decision-making processes. By leveraging the high-precision satellite intelligence provided, it enables users for instance to swiftly organize aid following natural disasters or secure national and global interests. Oliver Grassmann, Executive Vice President of Beyond Gravity’s Satellites division, emphasizes, "Our new SSA solution is designed to create great added value for our customers, for example by significantly speeding up decision-making. It identifies satellites with necessary capabilities that will fly or have flown over a specific area with unprecedented accuracy, allowing emergency services to swiftly access this information. This can notably expedite the rescue of individuals identified through satellite imagery." 

Trusted and Customizable Solution

The Beyond Gravity SSA solution is a product of a longstanding and collaborative partnership and was developed in close partnership with a partner. Oliver Grassmann explains, “Our SSA platform, informed by millions of data points and daily satellite capability monitoring, delivers unmatched operational and technical insight into over 10,000 satellites. It ensures a secure, seamless experience for governmental and commercial stakeholders alike.” He adds, “Customizable and adaptable, our solution is already benefiting a broad spectrum of partners through enhanced data interoperability, such as for Command-and-Control (C2) systems and map layering (e.g., KML).” 

Data: The Modern Era's Oil

With the introduction of its SSA solution, Beyond Gravity is not only broadening its product range but also entering the expanding market for space data services. This move aligns with the anticipated growth of the global space economy, which is expected to surpass a trillion US dollars by the 2040s, alongside a significant increase in demand for data solutions. CEO André Wall underscores this opportunity, stating, “Leveraging our four decades at the forefront of space technology, we're poised to capture additional growth for Beyond Gravity in the dynamic data market. We've developed a unique data solution that creates outstanding value for our customers by providing unparalleled insights into satellite capabilities. Our solution demonstrates how space technology can significantly enhance life on Earth, underlining the critical role of space data across diverse industries.”

Christian Thalmayr
Christian Thalmayr Senior Global Communications Manager