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Beyond Gravity launches second round of start-up program

International space supplier Beyond Gravity has launched the second round of its "Launchpad" start-up program. Four international start-ups are currently working with Beyond Gravity engineers to develop solutions for the future of the space industry. They are focusing on 3D printing technology, reusable launch vehicles, 3D visualization and artificial intelligence.

Following the successful completion of the first round of its start-up program at the end of 2022, Beyond Gravity has already launched the second round. The development program supports young entrepreneurs and their promising ideas and solutions for the space industry. Over the next eight weeks, the four nominated companies will conceptualize different use cases and test innovative approaches. André Wall, CEO of Beyond Gravity, is very much looking forward to the collaboration: "We want to identify promising technologies and business models at an early stage and accelerate their development together with the start-ups and – where appropriate – integrate them into our solutions. In doing so, our goal is also to contribute to the positive development of humanity and to improve life on earth with our products and innovations."

The four startups selected for the second round are:

  • Orion AM manufactures the most advanced plastic 3D printer for industrial additive manufacturing. The unique technology can achieve injection molding-like strength in 3D-printed parts, offering new opportunities in aerospace parts manufacturing. http://www.orion-am.com/
  • Ethereal X is an Indian start-up that aims to build the world's most powerful reusable medium-weight launch vehicle. This should significantly reduce the cost of space transportation. https://www.etherealx.space/
  • Aucta is an award-winning start-up that transforms CAD data into interactive 3D visualizations that deliver significant results in sales, service and education. Its USP lies in its ease of use, which requires no programming skills. https://aucta.io/de/
  • Earkick is a US-Swiss startup that has developed AI technology that anonymously measures employee mental health, takes automated measurements, and generates actionable suggestions based on real-world data. https://earkick.com


Over the next eight weeks, the four teams will be accompanied and coached by external and internal experts as well as members of top management. Lukas Gnilka, Launchpad program manager, explains: "We are all very much looking forward to the collaboration as well as the results from the second round. In the first round, exciting projects were initiated in which we are working together with the start-ups in the long term. One highlight is certainly the joint proposal for an ESA-funded subproject."

Launchpad – the start-up program for young companies

With its eight-week start-up program, Beyond Gravity offers aspiring entrepreneurs from around the world direct access to the international space community. The program offers exclusive contacts in the international space environment, access to highly specialized engineers, exclusive technologies and a wide variety of production resources. The third round of applications for Beyond Gravity's startup program is already underway. For more information, visit www.beyondgravity.com/incubator.