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Beyond Gravity hands over first dispenser tier module to Amazon

In 2022, Beyond Gravity was awarded a contract to develop and deliver the dispenser system for Amazon's upcoming satellite constellation. Project Kuiper aims to provide affordable, high-speed broadband connections to unserved and underserved communities. End of April, Beyond Gravity handed over the first dispenser tier module to the customer Amazon. The flight of the first product is planned for summer 2024.

Fast, affordable internet worldwide – this is the promise of Amazon’s planned Kuiper satellite constellation, which aims to put 3,236 satellites into low Earth orbit. Back in 2022, Beyond Gravity secured a major contract directly from Amazon to develop and manufacture customized, scalable dispenser systems. Beyond Gravity was also awarded the contract for the delivery of 38 shipsets to U.S. rocket builder United Launch Alliance (ULA) for its Vulcan rockets that will take Amazon’s Kuiper constellation into space. While the production of the shipsets – comprising the three composite structures payload fairing, heat shield and interstage adapter – at the Beyond Gravity site in Decatur, Alabama, USA, is in progress, the first dispenser tier module developed and built in Linköping, Sweden was handed over to Amazon. This is a significant milestone in the long-term collaboration between Beyond Gravity and Amazon and another important step in strengthening the company's position in the fast-growing commercial space markets. The first dispenser system from Beyond Gravity will be used for the first time on a flight planned this summer.

“We are very honored to be part of this amazing project and to help shape the history of the industry. Our team in Sweden has been working towards this day for years. With the first delivery, we mark a significant milestone in our cooperation with our customer Amazon and prove once again that we are the technological leader in our industry, an important partner for the new space market and that our 100% mission success track record qualifies us as a reliable partner also for large satellite constellations. I would like to sincerely thank the team for their efforts in the last couple of years as well as Amazon for their trust. I am confident that we can contribute to the success of Project Kuiper’s satellite constellation and the goal of increasing access to broadband worldwide with one of the best dispenser solutions the world has ever seen”, says Paul Horstink, Executive Vice President Beyond Gravity Launchers.

Scalable, ultra-lightweight dispenser design

Engineers from Beyond Gravity and Project Kuiper have worked together to develop a modular, scalable dispenser system suitable for a variety of rockets and payload configurations. The Beyond Gravity dispenser system uses ultra-lightweight materials to reduce mass, thereby enabling Amazon to maximize the number of satellites they can launch on each rocket. This supports Amazon's goal of lowering production and deployment costs for its entire satellite system. In Linköping, Sweden, where the dispenser systems for Project Kuiper are produced, Beyond Gravity broke ground in 2022 on a new dispenser production facility, including smart and automated manufacturing tools and meet our customer needs. The new facility, which is expected to be completed by Summer 2024, will more than double Beyond Gravity's dispenser production capacity for satellite dispensers. 

World leader in satellite separation

With over 1,300 successfully separated payloads in space, Beyond Gravity is the leading provider of satellite separation systems for launch vehicles. They ensure that the satellite and launch vehicle remain securely connected on their way into space and that the valuable payload is precisely delivered into orbit. Beyond Gravity's dispenser systems allow multiple satellites to be separated in a specific sequence to achieve exactly the right orbit. They have been used worldwide for missions such as Galileo, the TerraBella constellation of Earth observation satellites, the Canadian Radarsat constellation of Earth observation satellites, or the OneWeb Internet satellite constellation. Beyond Gravity's dispensers are particularly suited for large satellite constellations where a large number of spacecrafts must be placed into orbit in a short period of time. 

About Project Kuiper

Project Kuiper is Amazon’s initiative to provide fast, affordable broadband to communities around the world that are currently unserved or underserved by traditional internet and communications options. To achieve this goal, Amazon will deploy thousands of satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO) linked to a global network of antennas, fiber, and internet connection points on the ground.

Project Kuiper combines a LEO satellite constellation with compact, affordable customer terminals, a global network of ground stations, and resilient communications infrastructure powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). The system will provide high-speed, low latency broadband on a global scale.

Franziska Hamann
Franziska Hamann Senior Global Communication Manager