Beyond Gravity celebrates safety milestone – 1000 days without an incident

Beyond Gravity today recorded 1000 days without a lost time incident at its Decatur (Alabama) facility where the company produces equipment to build payload fairings for U.S. launcher rockets, interstage adapters, heat shields, and other components for space flight. A conscious approach to workplace safety is particularly important and challenging in this area, which is why the company is celebrating this milestone.

Occupational safety is a top priority at Beyond Gravity worldwide. The company does everything in its power to ensure that all employees leave their workplace at the end of the day safe and sound. Various measures from the areas of Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) are implemented and are mandatory for all employees. These include regular training in the handling of hazardous substances, the wearing of protective clothing and compliance with all safety regulations in production and in the offices. Regular training courses are held on hazards on the way to and from work and employees are provided with comprehensive information on how to behave before, during and after work. 

Safety first mindset bears fruit

"Beyond Gravity attaches great importance to the safety of all employees, because people are our first priority in all what we do. I am very proud that our initiatives are paying off and that today we can celebrate the 1,000th day without a lost time incident (see explanation in box) in Alabama," says Paul Horstink, Executive Vice President Launchers. “I am very confident that also with the second factory coming online very soon, we can continue our successful safety journey”. In March, Beyond Gravity is set to inaugurate a second production hall in Alabama and is relying on new, state-of-the-art technology.

Justin Elliott, Vice President Beyond Gravity Launchers Alabama, says: “Being safe in the workplace is more than just a statement. We practice a behavioral based safety plan. That means every teammate focuses on safety, working together and holding each other accountable. 1000 days without a lost time injury is a remarkable achievement and a testament to the commitment to workplace safety in our company.”

What is a “Lost Time Incident”

A "Lost Time Incident" is a term coined by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and refers to any workplace injuries that lead to the loss of productive work time for an employee, whether temporarily or permanently. Achieving over two and a half years without such incidents is a remarkable accomplishment. 

This is Beyond Gravity in the U.S.

Beyond Gravity, a leading space company headquartered in Switzerland with a strong presence in the United States, specializes in designing, developing, and manufacturing advanced space technology solutions. With production facilities in Decatur (Alabama) and Titusville (Florida), Beyond Gravity has established itself in the US as a key player in the industry.

A significant aspect of Beyond Gravity's operations in the United States revolves around the partnership with United Launch Alliance (ULA), a renowned launch service provider. Through this partnership, Beyond Gravity works closely with ULA to produce structures for launch vehicles such as Atlas and Vulcan. This collaboration has positioned Beyond Gravity to meet the growing demand for advanced launch systems, including their contract to supply payload fairings for the Vulcan rockets launching Kuiper's constellation into space.