We help young entrepreneurs, our employees, and our customers ​to advance through the creation of breakthrough business ideas.

Lukas Gnilka Manager Beyond Gravity Incubator
We help young entrepreneurs, our employees, and our customers ​to advance through the creation of breakthrough business ideas.

The Incubator Program "Launchpad"

Beyond Gravity’s start-up incubator program “Launchpad” offers entrepreneurs and innovators direct access to the international space community including highly specialized engineers, customers, national agencies, customers. 

Three times a year, we invite selected start-ups to work with our internal experts on real use cases. These are tailored to the individual product or solution of the startups and aim to identify potential for further collaboration. Also, we provide guidance and contacts to reach your next funding goal.

Our eight-week program at our headquarters in Zurich enables the evolvement of promising ideas and concepts at an early stage as well as accelerate them.

If you see an unrealized business opportunity related to space technology and its applications, corporate development or sustainability, our Launchpad may be the platform for you to develop your start-up.

We help you to boost your ideas, approaches, and projects to the next level for mutual benefit. 


"We aim to accelerate promising technologies and business models."

André Wall
André Wall CEO

3 Focus Areas

The projects we select are connected to what we do and how we do it. With our start-ups we jointly drive the development of space technology, and the way we work. We look at value from the perspective of our customers, and our employees.

Space Technologies Beyond Gravity is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of space products and has a growing presence in Europe and the USA. Your business idea could help to bring space technology forward? Or it could leverage existing space applications with new business models? Then we invite you to have a closer look together.
Value Chain With 12 production sites in six countries, Beyond Gravity combines engineering know-how and industrial production capabilities for space. We constantly strive to better serve our customers by being agile, reliable and efficient Your business idea could support this mission along the value chain from procurement via design, prototyping and testing to industrial production? Then we invite you to have a closer look together.
People We believe it is our people that make the difference. It is our mission to support our customers with world class products. To do so we strive to advance the working life of our employees and to become the employer of choice. Your idea could improve the way our organization operates and how it generates engaged employees? Then we invite you to have a closer look together.

Key Elements of the Program

The eight-week program consists of a practical and a theoretical development path. Immediately after the kick-off event at our headquarter in Zurich (Switzerland), the start-ups work together with internal Beyond Gravity experts on use cases and the implementation of ideas within the company. In the theoretical part, the participants dive into topics such as B2B sales, digital marketing, pitch training and communication under tthe guidance of internal and external experts. The theoretical part also includes discussions with executives - such as the CEO, CFO or CTO. In our program, we strategically collaborate with industry and technology partners to provide valuable resources, expertise, and networking opportunities for our startups. They can therefore benefit from the established partnerships with Space Founders Accelerator, ESA BIC Switzerland, Microsoft for Startups and AWS for Startups.

What the Start-ups say.

Logo Earkick
Karin Stephan
Karin Stephan Co-Founder Earkick

Beyond Gravity’s Launchpad program helped us get truly close to our customers. The touch points were hands-on, perfectly organized by the launchpad team, and rich in real-life learning. Highly recommended for any startup that matches the criteria.

Logo Orion AM
Adam Rumjahn
Adam Rumjahn Co-Founder Orion AM

The Launchpad program showcased the remarkable speed of innovation at Beyond Gravity. We have gained invaluable knowledge and experience from experts in the space domain which helped us to understand our value proposition and strengthen our product offering.

Gustav Nils Basedow
Gustav Nils Basedow Founder RevoAI

Beyond Gravity‘s program has enabled us to learn and enter the space market two years earlier than planned. Key success factors were the commited experts from the business units, strong enablement of the top management and precise coordination by the program management.

Gate Space Logo
Moritz Novak
Moritz Novak CEO Gate Space

The program was worth every second. It was an honour to collaborate with and learn from the experts during the 8-week program. Especially, we want to highlight the very professional but nevertheless friendly and supportive working environment at Beyond Gravity.

Modulos Logo
Kevin Schawinski
Kevin Schawinski Co-founder & CEO Modulos

The Beyond Gravity program gives you valuable insights into how a modern technology company operates. Understanding how a corporate thinks about innovation is essential for startups to succeed. During the incubator, we had the opportunity to work with Beyond Gravity engineers, business experts and executives on several use cases

Who was part of the Launchpad journey?

Together with Beyond Gravity, the following four startups will develop solutions for the future of the space industry. They are focusing on artificial intelligence, augmented reality and innovative propulsion systems for satellites.


Aucta is an award-winning startup that sustainably transforms CAD data into interactive 3D visualizations that can deliver significant results in sales, service and training. The USP lies in the simple handling, for which no programming knowledge is required.


Earkick is a U.S.-Swiss start-up, that has developed AI technology that anonymously measures employee mental health, takes automated measurements and generates actionable suggestions based on real data.

Ethereal X

Ethereal X is an aerospace start-up form India. The talented young team aims to build the world's most powerful reusable medium shear load launch vehicle. This is expected to significantly reduce the cost of space transportation.

GATE Space

The Austrian company GATE Space develops the world's first satellite propulsion solutions capable of deep throttling. This enables highly efficient and redundant thruster configurations using differential thrust. As a global supplier of complementary satellite components, Beyond Gravity sees large potential in the collaboration.


Modulos offers an enterprise AI platform which allows user to build trustworthy AI models. The data-centric AI approach of the platform reduced the workload for labeling and cleaning data, which is still very high today. Beyond Gravity is interested in collaboration in the area of product quality assessment and optimization.

Orion AM

Orion AM produces the most advanced 3D printer for industrial additive manufacturing with high performance polymers such as PEEK, PEI, PPSU and more. The unique technology can achieve injection molding-like strength in 3D-printed parts, which offers new possibilities in the production of aerospace parts.


RevoAI supports deeptech companies in engineering complex and safety critical products within scope, cost and time frame. This is achieved by enabling AI-powered and model-based engineering early in the development process. Beyond Gravity sees potential throughout the testing process of space products.


Rimon has developed a white-label platform, where instructions of multiple use cases can be transferred into augmented reality (AR). Augmented reality solutions are used to execute defined technical processes faster and more precisely. Beyond Gravity sees potential in the space sector in general, where many processes must be clearly defined and executed step by step.

Side Effects

Side Effects creates 3D based work instructions, manuals, technical documentation, assembly instructions, spare parts catalogues and much more with an automatic digital 3D twin from customer's CAD data and their easy-to-use 3D editing system.


After receiving applications, three to five teams are invited to Zurich for the 8-week program. Upon completion of the program, a jury selected of internal and external experts will evaluate your project according to different criteria. After the final selection we will continue to accompany the selected projects from each round on its way – with everything we have at our disposal. But our doors will also stay open for all other projects and participants.


Curious? Then become part of the Launchpad incubator with your project and let’s build the next unicorn together. We are looking for projects in an early stage, around seed funding

We accept applications on a rolling basis.  Send us your documents, presentations, white papers or a short video to Lukas Gnilka introducing yourself, your partners and your project. Explain to us why your start-up might be interesting for Beyond Gravity and where you see opportunities for future collaboration. The Launchpad incubator is open to all participants from almost all countries and the next Batch starts in Q1 2023.