We help young entrepreneurs, our employees, and our customers ​to advance through the creation of breakthrough business ideas.

Stefan Knoche
Stefan Knoche Director Transformation

The Incubator Program "Launchpad"

Beyond Gravity’s start-up incubator program “Launchpad” offers entrepreneurs and innovators direct access to the international space community including highly specialized engineers, customers, national agencies, customers. We are a seed investor, but also help to connect entrepreneurs to early stage investors as needed. 

Three times a year, we invite selected start-ups to work with us in our program to help developing their ideas towards seed-funding readiness. We help developing potential and realize investment opportunities. 

Our eight-week program at our headquarters in Zurich enables the evolvement of promising ideas and concepts at an early stage as well as accelerate them.

If you see an unrealized business opportunity related to space technology and its applications, corporate development or sustainability, our Launchpad may be the platform for you to develop your start-up. We help you to boost your ideas, approaches, and projects to the next level for mutual benefit. 

"We aim to identify promising technologies and business models early and accelerate their development together."

André Wall
André Wall CEO

3 Focus Areas

The projects we select are connected to what we do and how we do it. With our start-ups we jointly drive the development of space technology, and the way we work. We look at value from the perspective of our customers, and our employees.

Space Technologies Beyond Gravity is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of space products and has a growing presence in Europe and the USA. Your business idea could help to bring space technology forward? Or it could leverage existing space applications with new business models? Then we invite you to have a closer look together.
Value Chain With 12 production sites in six countries, Beyond Gravity combines engineering know-how and industrial production capabilities for space. We constantly strive to better serve our customers by being agile, reliable and efficient Your business idea could support this mission along the value chain from procurement via design, prototyping and testing to industrial production? Then we invite you to have a closer look together.
People We believe it is our people that make the difference. It is our mission to support our customers with world class products. To do so we strive to advance the working life of our employees and to become the employer of choice. Your idea could improve the way our organization operates and how it generates engaged employees? Then we invite you to have a closer look together.

Key Elements of Incubator

Join us on guided journey throughout the 8 weeks program at our headquarter in Zürich (Switzerland). In a modern office environment a short distance from the airport and close to the city, you will have the opportunity to work for two months intensively on your project with us. 



After receiving applications, three to five teams are invited to Zurich for the 8-week program. Upon completion of the program, a jury selected of internal and external experts will evaluate your project according to different criteria. After the final selection we will continue to accompany the selected projects from each round on its way – with everything we have at our disposal. As well as financially, of course. But our doors will also stay open for all other projects and participants.

Apply with a Video

Curious? Then become part of the LaunchPad incubator with your project and let’s build the next unicorn together. We are looking for projects in an very early stage (before seeding funding). 

Send us your documents, presentations or White Papers and a short video (max. 5 min.) to Stefan Knoche introducing yourself, your partners and your project. The LaunchPad incubator is open to all participants from almost all countries.

With every batch we select 3-5 projects which will get the chance to receive a seed funding from Beyond Gravity in exchange of shares of equity. Alternatively Beyond Gravity might also acquire the concept or idea.

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Round 1 Application period: Mid-June to Mid-August 2022; Incubation: October & November 2022
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Round 2 Application period: Mid October to Mid-November; Incubation: Mid-January to beginning March 2023

"I am extremely excited to shape the future of space and advance human kind together with selected start-ups."

Stefan Knoche
Stefan Knoche Director Transformation