You can rely on us. We turn your mission into a success.

Customer Experience.

When it comes to how we do things, we are a space company like no other. You can rely on us. We turn your mission into a success.

The first start-up with 40 years of experience. 100% mission success.

Our customers can rely on us. What we promise, we keep. With our solutions we turn any mission into a calculable risk and make their vision a success. To do this, we call on our passion, agile collaboration, lean processes and comprehensive engineering skills. We combine the best of both worlds: agile startup mentality with 100% mission success – allowing us to think decades ahead. To realize what’s next beyond the limits of what’s currently feasible.

Innovative solutions to the point: We develop solutions alongside our customers and deliver what they need.

Computing power for constellations. Our Constellation On Board Computer cOBC is based on COTS technology to offer a cost-effective and highperformance computer for constellations with an integrated navigation receiver.
Independent supplier. As the largest independent supplier to the space industry, our customers can launch any satellite with any rocket with us. We tailor our products to their specific needs.
Most precise positioning in space. Every year, Beyond Gravity delivers around 20 navigation receivers for customers all over the world. Thelatest generation is a multi-constellation and multi-frequency receiver.

Industrial processes & serial production: rapid, reliable & cost-effective.

Satellite panel production. Structures for satellite constellations and capacities of up to 40 satellite panels per week thanks to industrialized processes and automated potting machines.
Continuous improvement Kaizen and continuous improvement principles systematically integrated into production processes.
Out of autoclave production. Revolutionary manufacturing process for launcher structures to cut fabrication time by up to 50% and significantly reduce costs.

Faster from order to delivery: modular, standardized building blocks.

Quick time to market. Modular product design significantly reduces development time. Our dispensers, for instance, come in different sizes to match any launcher system’s requirements.
Powerful subsystems. Beyond Gravity integrates state-of-theart components into a fully integrated subsystem. For example, our electrical power subsystem provides all functions including control to satisfy a satellite’s power needs.
Your supply chain in good hands. Beyond Gravity has a solid supply chain in Europe and the USA, which enables us to offer logistics solutions that meet the requirements of any volume.

World-class experts who create the best solutions – with curiosity, passion and team spirit.

Employees from engineering, production, management and support functions work at Beyond Gravity in 12 locations worldwide on innovative solutions to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.