The journey towards a more sustainable future

Standing at the forefront of innovation, technology and discovery, Beyond Gravity is committed not only to advancing humankind, but to ensuring that this mission is undertaken in a responsible and sustainable manner. In an era marked by growing environmental concerns, Beyond Gravity is embarking on a journey towards a more sustainable future.

Beyond Gravity has put environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) considerations at the top of its agenda based on the belief that there is an inextricable link between the company’s economic success and its responsibility to the planet and the people around us. A comprehensive ESG project provides a systematic overview of where the company stands in terms of ESG and how the issues can be addressed in a strategic way. Following a thorough ESG materiality analysis, Beyond Gravity will publish its first comprehensive sustainability report based on the GRI reporting standard in 2024. The report will elaborate on the issues most relevant to our business operations and set out our strategy to address them.


Strategic focus areas

Recognizing that Beyond Gravity’s operations have an impact on the environment, the company has identified three strategic key topics. They will serve as the focal point for concrete actions as Beyond Gravity moves toward more sustainable business practices.

Key topic 1

Beyond Gravity is committed to reducing its own greenhouse gas emissions and thus make a contribution to climate change. To this end, the company is taking various measures in the coming three years and commits to net zero greenhouse gas emissions within its own operations by 2026, as outlined in our decarbonization roadmap.
Climate change and carbon emissions

Key topic 2

By optimizing energy efficiency and sourcing, Beyond Gravity aims to mitigate rising energy prices and dependencies, commit to renewable energy, and gradually phase out the use of fossil fuels.
Energy efficiency and sourcing

Key topic 3

Beyond Gravity works closely with its own suppliers, in particular to implement laws and its own guidelines in relation to human rights issues. Therefore, the company supports, monitors, evaluates and engages suppliers to commit to its ESG principles and goals.
Responsible sourcing

Materiality analysis

An ESG materiality analysis is a process by which a company identifies and prioritizes its most important ESG issues. Relevant criteria typically include environmental, social, corporate governance, financial, reputational, and legal and regulatory impacts. The decision on which ESG factors to consider as material to Beyond Gravity was based on a combination of internal and external assessments involving employees and management, investors, customers, as well as industry and sustainability experts.

The results of Beyond Gravity’s analysis have shown that the most significant ESG levers are in the environmental area, where the company will focus as a first step, as reflected in the three strategic key topics identified above. These will be complemented by additional measures, including in the social and governance area. Beyond Gravity’s material ESG topics are the following:

Beyond Gravity’s material ESG topics

Climate change & energy
To address the challenges of climate change, Beyond Gravity is committed to decarbonizing and achieving net-zero emissions in the operational area within a few years. 
Equal treatment and opportunities
Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace is Beyond Gravity’s priority, promoting equal opportunities for all employees, which not only enhances the company’s appeal as an employer but also sparks innovation and improves business outcomes.
Privacy & cybersecurity
Beyond Gravity recognizes the importance of significant investments to enhance IT security, data protection, and privacy, safeguarding our information assets.
Working conditions
Compliance with regulations and standards is paramount to ensuring optimal working conditions that positively impact employee productivity, preventing potential investigations and fines.
Business conduct
The company’s commitment to ethical business conduct is reflected in its established set of codes, policies, regulations, and supporting documentation, ensuring the highest standards in our operations.
Other work-related human rights
Beyond Gravity holds its business partners and suppliers accountable for respecting work-related human rights, emphasizing transparency to identify and mitigate potential risks.
Occupational health & safety
Prioritizing the well-being of employees, Beyond Gravity adheres to appropriate occupational health and safety standards and regulations, fostering a secure work environment.
Resource use & circular economy
The company commits to promoting waste management and recycling, which aligns with Beyond Gravity’s dedication to environmental responsibility, benefiting communities and enhancing credibility and reputation.
Beyond Gravity is actively minimizing the use of harmful substances and working to reduce pollution associated with raw material extraction.

Full Annual Report 2023

Find more information on sustainability and decarbonization in our Annual Report.

David Hierzer Director ESG